Eco Slide

A Perfect Combination!

PORTAL ECO SLIDE combines the easy operation of lift-slide systems with the high compression of parallel slide & tilt elements. The sliding hardware owes its continuous sealing system that creates the best prerequisites for high energy savings to this latter feature.

PORTAL ECO SLIDE is suitable for windows and doors of all frame materials. Besides its high energy efficiency and its in-tuitive operation, PORTAL ECO SLIDE scores in the topic of room comfort and due to its excellent user friendliness. The integrated SOFT CLOSE function reduces the speed of the sash when closing just before the frame and guides it safely into its end position. This minimizes the risk of injury and of damage to the window elements. Equally convincing: The perceptible saving of interior space – thanks to the sliding sash, there is no loss of space on the window sill. The standard night vent function ensures continuous ventilation as well as high burglar resistance due to resilient locking hooks. Efficient, easy to adjust, low-maintenance the ingenious design also shows its strengths in production. Fabricators benefit here from the rational assembly with a low number of components required and its sim- ple adjustment possibilities. Flexible options of use for PVC elements enables cooperation with PVC system providers, e.g. with profile. A product platform has been developed for the Premi Slide system in which the profile and hardware are perfectly coordinated.

Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Benefits for Fabricators:

  • Sash weights up to 250 kg can be achieved.
  • Sash widths up to 2,000 mm and sash heights up to 2,800 mm can be achieved (dependent on profile).
  • Can be used in aluminum, PVC and timber systems.
  • Rational assembly.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Integrated elevating adjustment.

Benefits for Architects and End Users:

  • Can be used for practical sliding windows and lightweight sliding doors.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Smooth closing.
  • High compression thanks to continuous seal, the sash is pressed against the frame when locking.
  • Smooth running sliding motion due to four rollers, eight rollers from 150 kg.
  • Night vent as standard.
  • Low maintenance due to rust-free components.
  • Can be combined with the SOFT CLOSE damper for gentle sliding of the sash into the end position.
  • Appealing design without cover caps.

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