Tilt and Turn

What a Tilt and Turn Window?

The intelligent Tilt and Turn system with lot of Benefits:

Convenient one-handed Operation:
Open, tilt and close even heavyweight windows –inconceivable without the SIEGENIA quality standard.

Integrated Ventilation Function:
Turn-and-tilt windows in the tilt position guarantee pleasant basic ventilation. Additional advantages in comparison with turn-only windows: ventilation is possible without problems even in the event of driving rain or snow.

No Problems with Fly Screens:
In contrast to windows that also open outwards, turn-and tilt windows can be opened and closed without problems even if an insect protection screen is mounted on the outside.

Easy to Clean from the Inside:
Window cleaning is safe and easy due to the inward opening turning position.

Unrivalled Compression:
Only inward opening windows achieve the compression against air and water required for energy-efficient building. This minimizes energy loss and makes modern turn-and-tilt windows into decisive green building elements.

Especially long Service Life:
The turn and tilt system prevent abrasion of the elastic sash rebate seals. This means that optimum compression with minimum wear is achieved in the long term with a well adjusted window. Ultimately, this also benefits the environment because particularly long-lasting windows consume much fewer resources.

Modern turn-and-tilt windows mean that any compromises concerning form and design are a thing of the past.

Countless Possibilities with Tilt and Turn:

  • Single-sash Windows
  • Double-sash Windows
  • Round arch Windows
  • Tilt Windows