For going on almost 20 years now, upvc windows and doors have remained a UAE staple for most homeowners, largely due to their inherent flexibility and relative affordability. An unfortunate side-effect of this popularity however is that these products sometimes play victim to an unwarranted level of scrutiny and judgement.

To help separate the fact from fiction once and for all, we’ve put together this comprehensive of frequently asked questions about uPVC windows and doors, covering everything you need to know before having them installed in your home

  • How much looking after do they need?

    Virtually none whatsoever! More so than any other factor or advantage, UPVC windows and doors are infamous for their incredibly low-maintenance sensibilities that makes them easy to look after. You’ll never need to spend vast amounts of upkeep to them in order to keep them looking good and performing well, ideal for the busy homeowner.

  • Are they expensive?

    Compared to other available window materials, not at all. UPVC windows and doors have become so popular in the UAE largely due to their relative affordability compared to timber and aluminum alternatives. This allows homeowners to enjoy exceptional performance and style while saving money, investing it elsewhere in their property.

  • Do they make use of any security features?

    Most UPVC windows and doors integrate some form of multi-point locking to help ward off any uninvited guests and provide ultimate peace of mind. Any can be styled to perfectly tie in with your specific product’s established aesthetic, never once disrupting style.

  • What colors are available?

    4. Long gone are the days when homeowners would be stuck with the classic Simple White tone most UPVC windows and doors have become known for. Not only can they be coloured to wildly distinctive tones such as Beige, Grey and Cream, but even manufactured to replicate the style of 19th century timber thanks to authentic woodgrain tones.

  • How do they compare to aluminum windows?

    Before uPVC there was timber, and after uPVC came aluminum, but despite existing in this unique middle-ground, UPVC can sometimes make the most sense compared to aluminum. More affordable, equally as durable, and long-lasting, uPVC windows and doors still have plenty to offer the modern homeowner even though it isn’t the latest material in the industry.

  • How long do they last?

    Depending on how efficiently they are installed, UPVC windows and doors have an average life expectancy of around two decades. This is without the need to ever regularly maintain them, representing a sound investment that lets homeowners enjoy a “set and forget” mentality well into the future.

  • What makes them so popular in the UAE and GCC?

    A lot of reasons we’ve already covered actually, combined with the fact that all UPVC windows and doors are designed to be incredibly reliable and dependable to use. We guarantee that all units installed by al Mimari will operate effortlessly every time, without any degree of hassle.

  • How energy efficient are they?

    Helping to ensure that every modern home is able to retain as much heat as possible and stay comfortable all year round, if fitted correctly UPVC windows and doors can achieve Energy Ratings as high as ‘A’. This is some of the best energy efficiency possible within UAE homes, and far exceeds the industry requirement.

  • What styles can I have them in?

    The beauty of uPVC windows and doors is simply how inherently flexible they are, capable of being engineered in an array of attractive styles and designs. UPVC windows can be fitted in a casement, tilt & turn, horizontal slider, flush sash fashion and more, and likewise uPVC doors come in fold, French, and traditional entrance designs.

  • Versatile and trustworthy uPVC windows and doors from al Mimari?

    Hopefully that’s helped clear up some of the most common questions you’d have about uPVC windows and doors, before choosing to make use of them in your property. Serving homes across UAE for well over 20 years, UPVC products from al Mimari in particular deliver on all of these promises and more.