Folding Doors

For Large Opening Width and full Flexibility:

The new FS-PORTAL folding sliding door hardware from SIEGENIA-AUBI allows you to move the folding door to the side safely and easily, maximizing the opening and creating easy access to the outdoors.

By combining up to seven sash leaves you can have a maximum opening of more than 6.3 meters and the FS-PORTAL hardware is suitable for timber, UPVC.

Maintenance-free, Weather-resistant and can also be Outward opening:

  • Large passage is possible with practically unrestricted opening widths.
  • Rebate hinges with special friction bearings guarantee easy, noiseless and long-lasting ease of use.
  • Maintenance-free due to PVC bearing.
  • Weather-resistant due to high-quality surface technology of the hardware components.
  • Also suitable for outward opening elements.
  • Also available in a highly corrosion-resistant stainless-steel finish.
  • Effective burglar resistance through the use of bolt security and special screws.
  • Turn-and-tilt sash can be integrated.
  • Outward opening elements: The hinges can only be removed when the sash is open; with the FS-RS sash hinge, the outside hinges can easily be cleaned from the inside.

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